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Monozide 25Mg 30 Tablets

SAR 14.20
In stock
To treat high blood pressure
Product Description: To treat high blood pressure (hypertension). To treat water retention (edema) in your body. It belongs to a group of medicines called diuretics commonly known as water tablets. It works by helping you pass more urine than you usually do in order to clear water and salt from your body. This will take off workload from your heart, vessels, kidney and liver. How To Use: This medicine is intended for adults. Take as indicated by your doctor. If you are taking this medicine once daily, take it in the morning. How much to take For water retention: the usual starting dose is 25 - 100 mg daily in 1 to 2 divided doses. Your doctor will adjust the dose for you based on your response (maximum 200 mg/day). For high blood pressure: the usual dosing is 12.5 - 25 mg once daily (maximum 50 mg/day). Warnings and precautions: Talk to your doctor about all your medical conditions before taking this medicine including: If you are allergic to sulfonamide antibiotics or sulfonylureas. If you have kidney problems. If you have liver problems. If you have heart problems. If you have diabetes. If you have a low blood pressure. If you are dehydrated. If you have abnormal electrolyte levels in your blood. If you have glaucoma. If you have gout. If you have an autoimmune disease called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Ingredients: Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg tablets
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