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Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor B2

SAR 299.00
In stock
Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm
Description The Microlife BP B2 automatic digital upper arm blood pressure monitor, with IHB technology, provides the user with detection of irregular heartbeats. The Microlife® B2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor provides all important features that you need for measuring blood pressure reliably and accurately: 30 data memory for long-term monitoring of your blood pressure levels, IHB technology for irregular heartbeat detection which might affect your blood pressure values and the new feature cuff fit check ensures that the cuff is correctly placed on your upper arm. Instructions For Use/ How To Use Before monitoring your blood pressure: Stop any exercise 30 minutes before measuring. Do not drink any caffeine-containing drinks or smoke 30 minutes before measuring. Void your bladder. Have a resting period for 5 minutes before measuring, make your back supported, remove any constrictive clothing, and uncross your legs. Do not talk during measuring or during the rest time. The measure should be twice with 2 minutes apart and take the average of the two measures. To obtain an accurate results, follow the following steps: It's critical that you're getting enough rest and aren't experiencing any tension or anxiety before measuring blood pressure Your feet should be on the ground and you should sit straight on a chair with your back against the chair's back. Rest your arm on a table if you have one and just make sure your hand and arm are relaxed on the table. It’s important that you don’t clench your fist when you’re taking your blood pressure. Make sure you can put two fingers below the cuff when you place it over your upper arm and adjust it to fit. The tube should run down the middle or slightly to the right of your arm, with the cuff covering the upper portion of your arm. When you check your blood pressure, don’t talk and just relax. Press the on button, and then press the start button. You’ll feel the cuff inflate quite rapidly. It may temporarily be a bit tender or uncomfortable for, as the cuff inflates and deflates automatically, but this will only be for a short period of time. You may rapidly deflate the cuff by pressing the Stop button if it becomes too painful or unpleasant. Make a note of the reading as soon as you receive it. These days, several blood pressure monitors have an internal memory. A few minutes after you’ve taken your blood pressure, it’s a good idea to check it again, to make sure the readings are similar and accurate. If your doctor or pharmacist has instructed you to check your blood pressure, do it twice daily, in the morning and the evening, and then schedule a consultation to go through the findings.
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