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Marigold 50 Ml Cream

SAR 57.50
In stock

Product Name:

  • Marigold, Cream, For Skin Vitality - 50 Ml


Scientific Name:

  • Marigold Extract Cream


Category Of Marigold Cream:

  • Burn & Wound Healing Preparations
Marigold Cream is formulated for inflammation of the skin and healing of wounds including burns, superficial wounds and insect bites. Marigold Cream helps the skin to heal and in addition to this, it aids in regeneration from burns and other superficial wounds. Furthermore, Marigold Cream can be helpful in supporting the natural healing of the skin. It helps the skin to heal and regenerate from burns and other superficial wounds Supports natural healing of the skin Counters burns, superficial wounds and insect bites Apply a thin layer of cream Apply 3 to 4 times daily if the area is left exposed or twice daily if covered For external use only A valid prescription should be available upon delivery
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