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Hemamax 100Mg 30 Tablet

SAR 17.35
In stock
Product Description:
  • Prevention of iron and folic acid deficiency and treatment of latent and manifest iron and folic acid deficiency before, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy (during lactation).
How to use:
  • Treatment of manifest iron deficiency in pregnancy: 2-3 tablets daily until normalization of hemoglobin value is achieved.
  • Afterward, the therapy should be continued with 1 tablet daily at least until the end of pregnancy to replenish iron stores.
  • Treatment of latent iron deficiency and prevention of iron and folic acid deficiency: 1 tablet per day.
  • The daily dose can be divided into separate doses or can be taken at once.
  • Hemamax-F should be taken during or immediately after a meal.
Caution & Warnings:
  • As with all iron preparations, dark coloration of the stool may occur which is without clinical significance.
  • Each chewable or swallowable tablet contains 100mg of iron as Iron III (Ferric) hydroxide poly maltose complex (IPC) plus 350mcg of folic acid.
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