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Luxe Perfumery - Exotic Blossom Shimmer Mist 236ml

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Fresh scent of aromatic essential oils

Attractive several flavours

Free from harsh chemicals and ingredients

Proudly made in the USA

LUXE PERFUMERY Exotic Blossom Shimmer Mist is a luxurious, long-lasting scent infused with glittering shimmer to add a hint of glamorous sparkle to your skin. Exotic Blossom is a warm and spicy blend of juicy citrus, pink peppercorn, jasmine and vanilla. Looking for a lighter format fragrance option with a bit of pizzazz? Exotic Blossom shimmer mist is less concentrated than a perfume yet provides long-lasting scent in a sweet and tropical fruity fragrance enriched with a touch of shimmer.

How To Use: LUXE PERFUMERY shimmer mists give you irresistible, long-lasting fragrance with a touch of glittering shimmer. Just spray on your body for glamorous sparkle and lingering scent. Fun and flirty shimmer mists are perfect to add a bit of pizzazz to your day. Apply as often as you like.

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Luxe Perfumery - Exotic Blossom Shimmer Mist 236ml