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Loxtra Eye Drops 5 Ml

SAR 18.10
In stock
A valid medical prescription is required to dispense this medication
Ofloxacin/Prednisolone/Tetrahydrozoline Eye Drops contains three active ingredients: • Ofloxacin which is a quinolone antibiotic • Prednisolone which is a corticosteroid with anti-inflammatory properties • Tetrahydrozoline which is a decongestant used to relieve redness in the eyes caused by minor eye irritations Ofloxacin/Prednisolone/Tetrahydrozoline Eye Drops is used for corticosteroid responsive inflammatory conditions of the anterior segment (conjunctiva, cornea, eyelid) and posterior segment inflammation where bacterial infection or risk of bacterial infection exists. What you need to know before you use Ofloxacin/Prednisolone/Tetrahydrozoline Eye Drops Do not use Ofloxacin/Prednisolone/Tetrahydrozoline Eye Drops if • If you are allergic to any ingredient in this medicine.
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Is paracetamol safe during pregnancy?
Paracetamol is the first choice of painkiller if you're pregnant. It is commonly taken during pregnancy and does not harm your baby.