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Lotevan 5Mg/320Mg 30 Tablets

SAR 79.95
In stock
Lotevan medication This drug contributes to widening the blood vessels, which facilitates the process of pumping blood to the heart, in addition to this, it works to treat high blood pressure as it has proven its effectiveness in treating this condition. Active Constituents: - Amlodipine: works by blocking calcium channels, as it prevents calcium from moving into the walls of blood vessels, which prevents the narrowing of blood vessels and works to expand them and blood flow in a normal, healthy way. - Valsartan: It belongs to the group of angiotensin 2 receptor antagonists, whereby angiotensin is secreted in the body to narrow the blood vessels, which increases blood pressure. Thus, valsartan neutralizes angiotensin. Indications Of Use: - This medicine is used to treat high blood pressure. - It prevents heart attacks and strokes. - Lotevan works to solve kidney problems. - It prevents heart attacks for people who complain of a problem in the heart, which is a coronary artery. - It is used in the treatment of congestive heart failure. - This medicine protects against problems with kidney damage due to diabetes. A valid prescription should be available upon delivery
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