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Liceel Promo Pack Shampoo With Combing Gel Free

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Liceel Shampoo and Combing Gel are manufactured with advanced formula and include effective natural ingredients to make your scalp get rid of lice and nits. 

 It is an anti-lice shampoo for the entire family which is safe and easy to use. It is known to eliminate lice and lice eggs in just 10 minutes.

Anti-lice shampoo and gel: The unique formula present in the shampoo and gel removes lice and nits and prevents further growth

 Designed with natural ingredients: The shampoo and gel are prepared from natural ingredients so that they don’t harm your hair

 Combing Gel Free: This is the new way of lice removal. In this promotional pack of liceel shampoo, you get a free combing gel. It is recommended post using the shampoo to remove lice fast and easily. Try and know for yourself.

How to use:
 Wash your hair with a normal shampoo• Shake the liceel shampoo bottle and apply the shampoo on your scalp and hair thoroughly. Lather well across the head and behind ears
• Leave the shampoo for 10 minutes and let it work
• Wash your scalp and hair with water and let it dry
• Use a lice comb to remove the lice
   For fast and easy removal of lice, liceel combing gel is recommended. The steps to use the same are:
• After washing off with the liceel shampoo, apply liceel combing gel to wet hair
• Massage the gel into the hair, scalp, and behind ears
• Next, divide your hair into segments and using lice comb bring out lice and nits
• Keep on wiping the comb with a tissue in between
• Continue to comb until no lice are found
• Wash your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water
The same brand Liceel makes an anti-lice spray as well. It is recommended to stop cross-infection. Use the Liceel Protect Spray on your bedsheets and pillows, so that the lice do not travel from one head to another head easily

Caution & Warnings:

 Rinse and clean your lice comb after every use. Keep cleaning the comb with a tissue paper while using it in between as well

 Avoid using the products on people who are allergic to any of the ingredients listed

 Do not let the products get into your eyes, else it may irritate. If it gets into the eyes by mistake, immediately wash it with water

 Avoid doing this treatment if you have some fresh bruises or wound on the scalp

 For external use only

 Keep the products out of reach of children

 Store the products below 30°C

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