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Lens Me Contact Lense Tea

SAR 150.00
In stock

For the most fashionable look and clear vision of human eyes

Product description:

For the most fashionable look and clear vision of human eyes, Lens Me, specializing in Soft Contact Lenses made of Polymacon .

Our technology and quality was proved satisfactory for various needs of worldwide market by acquiring approvals .

Key Factors and Ideal Material to select your Lens.


 Oxygen Permeability.

 Surface Wet ability.

 Low surface reactivity.

 Dimensional Stability.

 Flexure resistance.

 Fracture resistance.

 Material and quality control.

 Wide rang of tints and depth of tints.

 Safer for extended ware.

 Diameter of the lens 14.2 .

 Can be used for 6 months.

How to use:

Wash your hands with soap and water.

 Put the lens on your index finger.

 Lift the upper eyelid up gently.

 Pull the lower eyelid down gently.

 Look aside and place the lens on eye sclera (white area).

 Look ahead until the lens is centered on the corner.

Warning and cautions:

Wash hands thoroughly when using lenses.

 Avoid eye exposure to dust directly.

 Avoid entering soap or cosmetics inside the eye.

 Avoid using lenses more than the allowed period.

 Avoid using lenses after expiry.

 The lenses should be saved in the solution after use.

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