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Lee Stafford Moroccan argan oil shampoo Nourishes hair with smoothness and shine Enriched with potent moisturizing argan oil for hair Contains panthenol which gives hair a healthy and shiny look Rich in amino acids that keep hair hydrated Benefits Moisturizing and caring for dry and damaged hair Nourish and maintain hair vitality As it contains argan oil, it increases the length and density of hair and treats it from damage Instructions For Use/ How To Use Use on damp hair - gently massage - then rinse with water Size 250 ml Other Information Benefits of argan oil: The arabian argan tree, of a moroccan origin, has been used for a long time for hair and skin because of its benefits. Argan oil contains high concentrations of amino acids and antioxidants that are useful for hair and scalp especially vitamin e One of the essential benefits of argan oil is hydration, whether for the skin or the hair because it contains oleic and linolenic acid that keeps hair hydrated for a long time. Argan oil protects against hair loss and keeps the scalp healthy, as it contains anti-inflammatory components It also protects hair from the harmful effects of sunlight exposure.
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