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La-Femme 350 Ml Vaginal Solution

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PRODUCT NAME LA FEMME 350 ML VAGINAL DOUCHE BRAND LA FEMME MAIN CATEGORY CLEANSER SUB CATEGORY INTIMATE HYGIENE CLEANSER DESCRIPTION La Femme Vaginal Douche It is a refreshing vaginal wash for sensitive areas. It can be used to treat bacterial skin diseases (dermatitis, acne) It is used surgically to cleanse wounds after dilution. Used to cleanse hands. La Femme Vaginal Douche have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action. BENEFITS It is a powerful antiseptic that fight bacterial and fungal infections. Contains chlorohexidine in a high concentration which is strong bactericidal. Contains Hexamidine, which works to complement the effect of Chlorohexidine, to maximizes the effects on bacteria. Multiple uses (for sensitive areas, bacterial skin diseases and for surgical cleansing purposes) La Femme Vaginal Douche have a refreshing smell after use. La Femme Vaginal Douche can be used concentrated or after dilution. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE/ HOW TO USE Gynecological diseases: For vaginal infections: Used without dilution or a 1:10 dilution. For bacterial skin diseases (acne, skin infections): Used without dilution or by preparing a 1:10 dilution. Surgery: Used to cleanse wounds after preparing a 1: 10 dilution. Hand Cleansing: Used without dilution then rinsing. Do not use if allergic to any of its ingredients. Keep away from the reach of the children. OTHER INFO. Vaginal infections overview: Vaginal infections are inflammation or infections in the external genitalia or vagina. It is considered a common condition that affects women of all ages. Causes of vaginal infections: Bacteria are the main cause of up to 30% of cases. Fungal infection is the second most common cause. Viruses and parasites can also cause vulvovaginitis. Sexually transmitted diseases also cause vulvovaginitis. Exposure to irritating and allergic substances may cause vulvovaginitis. Symptoms of vulvovaginitis: Irritation in the genitals. Itching. Excessive smells and secretions. Feeling uncomfortable while urinating. Treating vaginal infections: Topical treatments: (creams, suppositories, vaginal washes, and douches) The patient may need oral treatments such as antibacterial and antifungal medications. A valid prescription should be available upon delivery
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