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Kotex Feminine Pads Natural Ultra-Thin 14 Pcs

SAR 24.15
In stock

They are the ideal solution for a discreet and secure fit.

Kotex Natural Ultra Thin Night Pads are your trusted companions for extended protection and worry-free nights.

Their exceptional features and innovative design provide unmatched comfort and gentle protection.

They are also the ideal solution for a discreet and secure fit.

Unlike other options on the market, these night sanitary pads not only feel like cotton but are also made entirely of 100% cotton.

They provide a natural, soft, and fresh feel against your skin. Additionally, they contain 0% plastic, ink, and chlorine, carefully crafted to be gentle on your sensitive, delicate intimate skin.

Kotex natural thin sanitary napkins offer a hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested solution for your intimate care needs during the night.

Equipped with a fast-absorbing core, these natural night pads effectively capture heavy menstrual flow, ensuring a fresh and confident night without worries about leakage and disrupted sleep.

Experience peaceful sleep with wide back coverage, ensuring reliable night protection. Suitable for all skin types, Kotex Natural Ultra Thin Night Pads for women are designed to provide exceptional comfort and protection during your sleep, even for the most sensitive and delicate intimate skin.

The packaging of Kotex Natural Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads is also environmentally friendly, carefully crafted to be 100% recyclable.

Kotex sanitary pads for women are designed to ensure that periods never hinder any woman.

They are trusted allies that provide the freshness and confidence needed to face days and nights with ease.

For decades, Kotex has been present to address all feminine hygiene needs.

From thick and thin pads to daily panty liners for everyday freshness, Kotex has consistently innovated, aiming to expand its product range to ensure maximum comfort, protection, and convenience for women worldwide.

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Offer Label 40% Off on second Piece
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