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Kin Interdental Microprox 0.7Mm

SAR 41.00
In stock

The KIN interdental brush is perfect for removing plaque that builds up in the interdental spaces, the hardest to reach areas when brushing. Thanks to the high quality Tynex® filaments and the angled handle, the brush is very comfortable to use.


Choose the KIN interdental brush that best suits your needs:
- KIN ultramicro interdental brush: Its 0.6 mm filaments are perfect for cleaning dental plaque that accumulates in particularly tight interdental spaces.
- KIN supermicro interdental brush: Guarantees optimal cleaning in interdental spaces of 0.7 mm.
- KIN micro interdental brush: Due to the diameter of the filament and the cut of the tuft, it is an ideal brush for cleaning interproximal spaces of 0.9 mm.
- KIN mini interdental brush: Ideal for removing bacterial plaque that accumulates in interdental spaces of 1.1 mm.
- KIN conical interdental brush: Ensures the removal of biofilm in interdental spaces of 1.3 mm.

*KIN Laboratories has a wide range of specific dental accessories for every age and need.

How to use

To ensure optimal cleaning, place the brush in front of the interdental space, and gently insert it and glide from the inside out with short, controlled movements. Always use the most suitable brush size for each interdental space.

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