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Isis Teen Derm Hydra Cream - 40 Ml

SAR 103.50
Out of stock
Isis Teen Derm Oily Skin Moisturizer A long-acting moisturizer specially developed for people with oily skin to give the skin the moisture needed while using drying treatments. Designed with premium ingredients that soothe, hydrate, and deeply nourish the skin. Isis Teen Derm Oily Skin Moisturizer restores vitality and luster of the skin. Effectiveness proven in medical studies. Benefits It contains a distinct blend of natural moisturizers that maintain skin health. Cocoa butter, glucose, and xylitol provide excellent hydration and protection. Bisabolol Complex in Isis Teen Derm Oily Skin Moisturizer creates the required skin soothing effect. Butyl avocado regulates oily skin secretions. Isis Teen Derm Oily Skin Moisturizer is gentle to the skin and does not Contain any substances that cause skin irritation. With this unique blend, the complexion looks brighter and healthier. Instructions for use/ How to Use Applied to clean and dry face and neck skin after washing every morning, a thin layer of moisturizer is distributed until absorbed by the skin. Other Information When choosing a sunscreen, it is preferable to be intended for oily skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Caring oily skin There are some important tips to follow in caring for oily skin Refined foods such as white bread and incomplete grains should be avoided. Food that contains a large number of sugars should be avoided. Gently exfoliating the skin helps reduce the pimples as fatty secretions attract dust and block the skin pores. Avoid medical preparations containing alcohol, as this increases the problem. Choosing oil-free cosmetics safe for oily skin. Avoid over washing your skin.
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