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Isis Neotone whitening body lotion. Restores your skin vitality, gives you luxury, pigmentation-free look. Designed to give brighter complexion. Enjoy the look you wish with the unique ingredients that quickly make the requested change. Benefits Isis Neotone Body Lotion provides a radical pigmentation treatment thanks to its DEPI-ACT complex. It exfoliates the old melanin cells by its content of salicylic acid and glycolic acid. Isis Neoton body lotion contains distinctive moisturizers like shea butter so it deeply moisturizes and strengthens the layers of skin. Isis Neoton body lotion is safe and does not cause any skin irritation. Instructions For Use/ How To Use Isis Neoton body lotion is used on clean skin daily in the evening on the targeted areas. Other Information It is preferable to use a sunscreen with a high degree of protection during the day on the targeted areas during the treatment period. Avoid contact with eyes. This product contains alpha-hydroxy acids. Skin Hyperpigmentation It is a medical condition in which the color of the skin in certain places becomes noticeably dark due to the excessive secretion of the melanin pigment, which gives the skin color and tone. The causes of skin pigmentation vary, as they may be due to skin infection, an illness, or as a result of aging. Types Of Hyperpigmentation Dermatitis induced hyperpigmentation Sun exposure induced hyperpigmentation Pregnancy-induced hyperpigmentation Hyperpigmentation Treatment Laser peeling Crystal surface peeling Skin curettage Cosmetic creams Medical recommendations for the prevention of hyperpigmentation Avoid excessive sun exposure. Stop smoking. Eat a balanced diet with fewer sugars.
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