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Isis Keloplast Scars Cream Spf 50+ - 40 Ml

SAR 155.25
In stock
Isis Keloplast anti-scar cream A treatment that helps to prevent the effects of scarring and pigmentation after the skin has been injured by any wounds, burns, or other damages. It works mainly by moisturizing and re-repairing the skin layers. ISIS Keloplast anti-scar cream builds a protective layer around the skin that is isolated from external stressors. Provides a high degree of protection against UV rays. It makes the skin fully protected, hydrated, and repaired. Effectiveness proven in medical studies. Benefits It contains metallic filters that provide the maximum degree of protection against UV rays. Isis Keloplast anti-scar cream contains natural extracts, cocoa butter, and glycerin, which help in moisturizing and provide continuous protection. Does not contain any substances that cause skin irritation. ISIS Keloplast anti-scar cream improves skin appearance through continuous hydration and complete care. It can be covered with cosmetics. Suitable for children and sensitive skin. Instructions For Use/ How To Use Apply twice daily to clean, dry skin or as directed by your doctor. Do not use on places where there are wounds or burns from which secretions come out. ISIS Keloplast can be used for face and body scars. For external use only. Contact with eyes should be avoided, and when this occurs, they should be washed thoroughly with clean water.
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