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Inava Orthodontics Toothbrush 7-12 Years

SAR 28.00
In stock

specially designed for children with orthodontic appliances.


At the age when teeth continue to evolve, wearing orthodontic appliances is necessary for many children. In addition to the discomfort and inconvenience they can cause, their rigorous cleaning too often represents a constraint.
Inava Orthodontic toothbrush 7/12 years is specially designed for children with orthodontic appliances. The U-shaped cut of its flexible 17/100° nylon bristles makes it possible to effectively brush rings and hard-to-reach places and thus fight against the formation of cavities. Its small head adapts to the shape of the jaws of children aged 7/12. And to ensure that the orthodontic toothbrush is perfectly sanitized, simply place it in the microwave at 600 W and wait just 60 seconds*

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