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Hi-C Drink 120 Ml

SAR 74.75
In stock

Source of Vitamin C

5ml / day

The only drink in the Kingdom that contains the highest concentration of vitamin C for children

Each 5 ml contains 300 mg Vitamin C

100% absorbed

Does not cause irritation to the stomach

Delicious, fruits flavor

Extended action all day 24 hours


It is almost impossible to get enough vitamin C from food.

Humans are one of the mammals that do not produce this vitamin due to a genetic mutation, while other mammals produce vitamin C in their bodies in an amount of 40-300 mg per kilogram of body weight, and humans do not produce even a single milligram of it.

A person who weighs 70 kg needs at least 2800 mg of vitamin C per day, even a diet rich in fruits and vegetables provides only 10% of this amount.


Benefits of Vitamin C


Fighting influenza and common cold

Treating viral diseases

Reducing cholesterol

Promoting eye health

Protection from life stress

Protection from environmental toxins

Protecting the heart and circulatory system

Collagen production

Fighting cancer

General positive effect



1 teaspoonful (5 ml) / day

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