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Glysolid Cream 400Ml

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SAR 26.45
Out of stock

Product Description:

If you are on the lookout for a soothing and softening cream that can be used by all and every member of the family, the Glysolid Cream Family 400 ml is the solution for you. Made with an advanced European formula that blends the best properties of glycerin, this moisturizing cream is designed to smoothen and evenly tone the dry and chapped skin of your legs, hands, and entire body. The versatility of this all-purpose cream lies in its non-greasy formula that is quickly and efficiently absorbed into your skin without leaving oily residues for a lightweight and hydrating feel. The glycerin component of the Glysolid Cream is an odorless and colorless derivative of vegetable oil/animal fats, one globally recognized humectant. It pulls water from your inner to outer skin layers, to naturally restore hydration balance, giving you soft and supple skin. This cream is the ultimate solution to an all-around skin protection experience that visibly elevates the look of your skin with a single application.

A Moisturizing cream with a lightweight, nourishing formula to help leave you with soft, smooth skin softens, smoothes and nourishes your skin to keep it glowing all day
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