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Glowradiance Folikle Perfect Lashes gifts you an effective treatment to get the strength, length & intensity that you always dreamed of, in an effective and safe way.

Feel the difference within two weeks and enjoy the natural lashes look that everyone wants within 6 weeks and say goodbye to mascara and lash extensions forever.

Why use Folikle Perfect Lash :

  • Help eyelashes appear longer, fuller & stronger.
  • Boosts the appearance length, thickness & curl of your lashes
How To Use:
  • Cleanse the area with micellar water.
  • Apply Glowradiance folikle perfect lash on the roots of the eyelashes 2 to three times.
  • Leave it to dry before applying anything else.


  • Kopexil: increase the volume of eye lash by working on the roots.
  • Myristoyl: Stimulates keratin genes for more densifies eye lashes.
  • Arginine: Natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and supports barrier function of the skin.
  • Biotinoyl Tripeptide - 1 and Panthenol : Promotes hair buld keratinocyte proliferation and stimulates the synthesis of laminin and Collagen.
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