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Gillette Blue Simple-3 4 Razors

SAR 27.26
In stock
Product Description:

Gillette Blue 3 Simple Men's Disposable Razor

  • Disposable razor that can easily get you up to 5 clean shaves?
  • Gillette’s Blue Simple3 does exactly that thanks to 3 chromium-coated, skin sensing blades
  • The razor features a Lubrastrip that provides you with a smooth glide and easy rinse blades for 100% better rinsing
  • Gillette’s Blue Simple3 is Gillette’s best value 3-bladed disposable razor
  • Gillette’s Blue Simple3 is equipped with 3 spring-mounted blades for a close, smooth and comfortable shave
  • Its open architecture allows easier rinsing and it features a Lubrastrip for an easy glide as well as a fin guard to help stretch the skin and prepare the hair to be cut
  • With Gillette’s Blue Simple3 you’ll get a shave others will notice, but your wallet won’t.
  • Gillette's best value 3-bladed disposable razor
  • Equipped with 3 spring-mounted blades that adjust to the surface of your skin
  • Handle with elastomer grips and a fixed head for great control
Gillette Blue Razor For Easy And Gentle Shave
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