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Focus Ring Cushion Large 18 inch

SAR 57.50
In stock

In the 21st century, most jobs require sitting in one place for a long time which results in people suffering from multiple disorders that are debilitating in the long run

 Product Description:

But with the specially designed Focus Ring Cushion Large 18 inch, you can now be relieved of the pain from those painful hours of sitting.

• The cushion is donut-shaped which makes your sitting comfortable and gives your pelvis and buttocks firm support

• It's large in size and the dimension of the outer part is 18 x 15 x 3 (inch) and the inner part (void) has a dimension of 7 x 5x 3 (inch)

• These donut-shaped pillows are widely recommended by physiotherapists and doctors because it is effective against rectal problems, piles pain, hemorrhoid, etc

• Apart from these problems it also relieves back pain due to stress on the tailbone, multiple post or pre-surgery treatment, natal pain

• The cushion has an orthopedic ergonomic design which shows its result against some orthopedic problems too

• Some people face problems with digestion and gas due to long hours of sitting. The 3 inches curved opening in the middle helps in regulating the blood flow and maintains the correct pressure thus reducing gas and bloating

• The cushion has a perfect design and breathable cover which allows the user to use anywhere when you need to ease the pain without being noticed or embarrassed

• It is firm, comfortable, and portable so you can carry it with you in a backpack while going to the gym, airport, office, cars, and even at movie halls to get a comfortable pain-free sitting

• The outer cover of the cushion can be washed in a machine and is removable so that you can clean it after use

• The polycotton cover is resistant to wear and tear and is dust and dirt proof

• It is also available in different colors like white, navy blue, or plaid

• The ring-shaped contoured design evenly distributes the weight and avoids compression

• The firm design of the cushion maintains its shape and size even after repeated use

• The high-density foam used to make this cushion help in relaxing the painful and stressed area

• The product is long-lasting and conforms to your body contours for a long time

• It perfectly fits all types of chairs or sitting areas




How to use: 

• Use this cushion at your own convenience when you feel pain

• Place the cushion on your sitting areas like that of an office chair, car seat, or anything over which you sit

• Try to place your glutes in the middle for more comfort and to get a correct posture




Caution & Warnings: 

• Do not wash the outer cover in hot water




• Keep the cushion away from heat and sharp objects

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