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Focus Ring Cushion Large 16 inch

SAR 46.00
In stock

Pain management can be a complex concept. The Focus Ring Cushion provides comfort to the user by reducing pain.

 The packaging of the product contains a 16-inch cushion with a cotton cover.

It is filled with superior quality foam. The high density of the foam helps to retain the shape. The cushion conforms to the user’s body contour. The cushion has a cotton covering that is removable. It can be washed in a washing machine or by hand. The easy to use product is light and travel-friendly. It appeals to both men and women across age groups.

The Focus Ring Cushion is in size large.

It reduces the pressure and distributes it evenly.
It is easy to wash and sanitize.
Traveling with the cushion is light.
Men and women can use it.
It takes the shape of the body without harming the body.



How to use: 

Touch the product with sanitized hands.

Place the cushion at a point where the user is experiencing pain.
Users may sit or lie down on the cushion.
Remove the cushion once the user feels comfortable.
It is comfortable when used for long durations.
To sanitize, wash the cushion using warm water and mild soap. It is recommended to dry it under the sunlight.



Caution & Warnings: 

Avoid placing it below heavyweights.

Wash the cushion regularly to avoid bacterial build-up.
Store the product away from sunlight in a cool, dry place.
The product has a risk of fire. The user is advised to store it away from a possible fire.

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