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Flixotide 250 Mcg Evohaler 120 Doses

SAR 167.50
In stock
Flexotide is a spray that contains the active substance known as (fluticasone), and this active substance belongs to a type of drug known as anabolic steroids and it is a derivative of cortisone, and its method of action is that it works to reduce the occurrence of swelling or irritation to the air inlets and is known as FLUXOTIDE EVOHALER And, this medicine must be used regularly in order for the drug to be effective as required. Indications: Flexotide used to control or prevent symptoms of (wheezing - shortness of breath), which are caused by asthma as well as chronic lung diseases such as (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - emphysema). Precautions and advice when using Fluoxide Evohailer: You must hold the atomizer for 5 seconds before using it. This spray is inhaled through the mouth and the doctor's instructions should be followed carefully when using it. In the event that you are using more than one spray alongside flexotide at the same time, you should wait at least one minute as a time interval between each atomizer and it is better to make the flexotide the last. Gargling and rinsing the mouth with water should be done after using the spray to avoid the occurrence of yeast infections or irritation in the throat or mouth, and care must be taken to swallow the rinse water. Flexotide should be cleaned once a week and a dry cloth should be used for cleaning. It may take a week for the effect of the sprayer to appear. In the event that no improvement appears during this period, the doctor should be consulted. A valid prescription should be available upon delivery
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