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First Aid Box Nylon No.2 Medium

SAR 45.00
In stock

Product Description:

  • First aid is the foremost endorsement given to a person suffering from any injury, whether it be a minor or serious one. And to arrange an immediate first aid, you need a Smart Therapy First Aid Kit.
  • There are well-organized compartments for different first aid layouts. The goal of this kit is to preserve the life of the injured. You should never compromise with these products as it is a matter of your life.
  • The kit contains basic items such as alcohol pads, saline wipes, hand sanitizer, two gauges, pharm pads, scissors, pair of gloves, triangular bandage, two eye pads, etc. These first aid kits help treat injuries like burns, cuts, stings, splinters, strains, etc. 
  • This kit provides small, medium, and large size gauge for dressing.
  • These kits are comprehensive, easy to use, and can be carried from one place to another if needed.
  • The kit provides adhesive taps, which help to stop bleeding if it is used with gentle pressure.
  • The provided antibiotic ointment can heal any small cut or infection.
  • The triangular bandages are big and can be used to wrap any injury to prevent germs' entry through the cut skin.
First aid box contain bandages, plasters, gauze and alcohol swabs
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