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Filtrum 400 Mg 50 Tablets

SAR 75.00
In stock
Relief GIT pain and discomfort
Description Filtrum 400 mg enterosorbent of natural origin is based on lignin hydrolyzed, that binds molecules of different sizes and It has a high ability to absorb harmful substances to ease and relife GIT pain and discomfort Benefits to ease and relief GIT pain and discomfort, helps to manage IBS, AGE and flatulence, Distinct ability to bind and remove several body toxins, absorb gases and relieve bloating Instructions For Use/ How To Use 2-3 pills. 3-4 times daily for 1-5 days if AGE or Flatulence case, for IBS and chronic cases 2-3 pills. 3-4 times daily for 14-21 days Other Information Filtrum is neither metabolized nor absorbed by the intestine and its action is localised to the intestine with no effect on the gut biota, Povidone, Croscarmellose Sodium and Calcium stearate, Vegan
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