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Dove deodorant spray powder soft for women 150 ml

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This fantastically fragranced deodorant will keep you feeling dry fresh and soft throughout the day Its amazing moisture technology keeps your underarms amazingly moisturised without causing wetness and the simple powder aroma will hold for up to 48 hours

Soft as powder feels good to use

Reduces perspiration for up to 48 hours

Contains ¼ moisturizing cream for beautifully soft and smooth underarms

0% alcohol

Gorgeous floral baby powder scent

Cares for your delicate underarm skin

Love touch-me textures? Cashmere jumpers, velvet dresses or silk sheets we just love that feeling of softness on our skin It’s luxuriously comforting just like Dove Powder Soft Antiperspirant

Soft as silk, Dove Powder Soft Antiperspirant has a warm floral scent of freesias and peonies that reminds us of that comforting baby powder scent we all know and love from our childhood.

This kind of alcohol-free formula doesn’t just feel soft – it helps your skin to feel soft too, reducing irritation and helping you stay dry for up to 48 hours. And with ¼ moisturizing cream to care for delicate underarm skin, you can enjoy beautifully soft and smooth underarm skin in just three days.

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Dove deodorant spray powder soft for women 150 ml