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Dorofen 500/50 Mg 90 Capsules

SAR 81.90
In stock
Glucosamine Capsules For Osteoarthritis Symptoms & Improves Joint Mobility
Product Description: A joint is where two bones meet and connected with muscles to cause movement The bones' heads are protected by elastic articular cartilage to act as shock absorbing cushion and reduce the friction during movement The joint cavity is filled with synovial fluid which reduce friction between the two cartilages during movement There is a balance between wear and tear inside the cartilage in normal condition as our bodies produce glucosamine which is the building block of the articular cartilage to maintain and repair the damage inside the cartilage due to movement By aging, obesity and other factors, the amount of endogenous glucosamine produced in our bodies tends to decrease, hence the balance between wear and tear inside the cartilage will be negatively affected and osteoarthritis will be the end result Provides your body with the biological active isomer " Alpha - D - Glucosamine " which is the building block of the articular cartilage Increases the synthesis of synovial fluid which keeps the mobility of your joints, reduces morning stiffness and crepitus during movement Product Features: Improves peripheral circulation which helps reduce pain during movement Restores the balance between wear and tear inside the cartilage Treats the underlying cause of osteoarthritis which is deficiency of endogenous glucosamine Has a strong safety profile on long term use safe for patients suffering from peptic or duodenal ulcer Has a simple dosage regimen How to use: 1 Capsule three times daily after meals from 4 to 6 week followed by long term once daily dose / Consult your physician. Caution & Warnings: Avoid using Dorofen if you are allergic to glucosamine or Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract Patients on anti-coagulants should consult their physician before using Dorofen Ingredients: Alpha-D-Glucosamine Sulfate 500 mg Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract 50 mg
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