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Dalacin-T Lotion 30 Ml

SAR 19.55
In stock
A valid medical prescription is required to dispense this medication It is an antibiotic used in the treatment of serious bacterial infections.
Clindamycin hydrochloride topical lotion* What Clindamycin hydrochloride is used for: It is an antibiotic used in the treatment of serious bacterial infections. Do not use Clindamycin hydrochloride: If you are allergic (hypersensitive) to clindamycin, lincomycin or to any of the other ingredients in this medicine. Warnings and precautions: Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before using clindamycin if: • you have diarrhea or usually get diarrhea when you take antibiotics or have ever suffered from problems with your stomach or intestines. If you develop severe or prolonged or bloody diarrhea during or after using Clindamycin tell your doctor immediately since it may be necessary to interrupt the treatment. This may be a sign of bowel inflammation (pseudomembranous colitis) which can occur following treatment with antibiotics • you suffer from problems with your kidneys or liver • you suffer from asthma, eczema or hay fever • you develop any severe skin reactions or hypersensitivity to Clindamycin Possible side effects: Stop using the product and seek immediate medical attention if you develop throat tightness or swelling of the eyes, face, lips or tongue, feel faint, or have difficulty breathing. Stop using the product if you develop hives or itching of the face or body. Other medicines and Clindamycin hydrochloride: Tell your doctor or pharmacist or nurse if you are taking, have recently taken or might take any other medicines: • muscle relaxants used for operations (neuromuscular blockers). • oral contraceptive pills. You should use extra contraception such as condoms whilst taking Clindamycin and for seven days after taking Clindamycin. • warfarin or similar medicines – used to thin the blood. You may be more likely to have a bleed. Your doctor may need to take regular blood tests to check how well your blood can clot. • CYP3A4 or CYP3A5 inducers like rifampicin may impact effectiveness of the medicine. How to use Clindamycin hydrochloride: Adults and Elderly Patients The recommended dose of Clindamycin is between 150 and 450mg (1 to 3 capsules) every 6 hours, depending on the severity of your infection. Use in children This medicine is used for children who are able to swallow capsules. The recommended dose in children is between 12 and 25 mg / kg /day of bodyweight, divided into six hourly doses, depending on the severity of the infection How to store Clindamycin hydrochloride: Keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children. Do not use Clindamycin hydrochloride capsules after the expiry date which is stated on the carton and blister labels. The expiry date refers to the last day of that month. Store below 25°C. Do not throw away any medicines via wastewater or household waste. Ask your pharmacist how to throw away medicines you no longer use. These measures will help to protect the environment. * Dosage form and route of administration of clindamycin 300 mg capsules, clindamycin 75 mg capsules, clindamycin Sterile Solution, clindamycin 2% Cream, clindamycin Topical Lotion, should be prescribed according to therapeutic indication and disease severity of each individual patient.
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