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Colgate Total With VITAMIN C Toothpaste 75ml

SAR 28.50
In stock

Vitamin C to support the mouth‘s natural defenses against germs for 12 hours

Enhanced with vitamin C known as antioxidant, kills toxins and bacteria in the mouth
Breakthrough formula with zinc, arginine, 12 hour germ protection

Product description
Breakthrough formula of Colgate Total with ingredients Zinc, Arginine and Vitamin C known as antioxidant.

It strengthens the mouth’s natural protection for 12 hours* Superior Technology** Zinc: Helps to create protective mineral shield Arginine:

Helps to weaken plaque structure and enhance the delivery of zinc to surfaces of the mouth*** *up to 12 hour protection on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums with 4 weeks continuous use **vs Colgate's regular fluoride toothpaste ***in vitro study.

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