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Clasgen 0.5 Mg / Ml Eye Drops 30 Vials 0.4 Ml

SAR 117.50
In stock
used as a treatment for dry eye syndrome because they contain the active ingredient cyclosporine.
Product Description: Clasgen eye drops are used as a treatment for dry eye syndrome because they contain theactive ingredient cyclosporine. This drug has been officially approved to treat dry eye syndrome and get rid of corneal ulcers, as the drops stimulate and increase the secretion of tears in patients with dry eye syndrome. How To Use: The product is characterized by ease of use, as Clasgen sterile eye drops consist of single-use units (droppers) To ensure that the dropper does not contaminate or contaminate the eye. It does not need to be shaken before use, and the colorless liquid is designed with nanotechnology, free of preservatives. Warnings and precautions: Do not touch the dropper with any surface, including hands and eyes. Contamination of the dropper may lead to an eye infection. Do not use this medicine while wearing contact lenses. Contact lenses should be taken off and put on only 15 minutes after putting in the drops. Do not use this medicine if you are allergic to cyclosporine. There is not enough information about giving this drop during pregnancy or lactation. You should consult a doctor in these cases before using it. Ingredients: The active ingredient is cyclosporine
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