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Claradone Vaginal Douche 200 Ml

Out of stock
It is an antiseptic and disinfectant agent
Product Description: Vaginal infections are generally caused by the harmful germs and will cause distressing symptoms, like soreness, itch, and smell. CLARADONE VAGINAL DOUCH 200ml is the most effective and strong povidone-iodine formulation that has proven and broad spectrum of efficiency against bacterial, fungal and protozoan infections. CLARADONE VAGINAL DOUCH 200ml is an antiseptic and disinfectant agent mainly used for intimate areas. It can be used to prevent and treat any kind of infection in your vagina, which results in itching, soreness and irritation around the area. Vaginal Douche has Povidone-Iodine 10% (100mg/mL) w/v as its active ingredient. The ingredient present is known to be an antiseptic and will kill and prevent growth of micro-organisms (fungi, bacteria, and viruses). It doesn't stain your skin and must be cleaned off in case spilled onto clothing. CLARADONE VAGINAL DOUCH 10% must be used externally only. You must use this in a dose and duration as recommended by your doctor. Don't stop using it till you have finished its complete course, even if you feel better. Treatment of vaginitis: CLARADONE VAGINAL DOUCH is antiseptic and slowly releases iodine that kills and prevents growth of the infectious microorganisms in your vagina Helps to fight off infection: It helps treat and avoid infections that cause itching, soreness and irritation. Used for the cases of vaginitis because of bacterial and fungal infection Strong antiseptic solution: It is an antiseptic and disinfectant agent. It works out by killing and preventing growth of any infectious microorganisms present in your vagina Kills germs and microorganisms: It prevents the growth and kills infectious microorganisms in the vagina. It's good to use this during night time for more effective and better results Quick action: It treats the main cause of your problem and quickly relieves its symptoms of vaginal infection How to use: Apply a small quantity to an affected area after washing it properly Use twice a day maximum for 2 weeks Caution & Warnings: Avoid any contact with your eyes and nose. In case of any accidental contact, rinse it thoroughly with clean water Don't use it on broken, burnt or inflamed skin Keep it away from kids If you find any burning, itching, irritation, or redness on the site of your application, stop the usage of this product For external use only
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