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Pslove BLOOD Menstrual Heat 2pieces

SAR 36.00
Out of stock

Pslove menstrual pain relief heat menstrual patches ‎
Menstru Heat uses a clinically-proven heat therapy method to relax cramping uterine ‎muscles on the abdomen, thus easing menstrual cramps.
‎- Our proprietary formulation allows heat to be released quickly and steadily over 12 ‎hours, so that you can get all day comfort and relief.
‎- Menstru Heat is simple and extremely convenient to use. Simply tear open the ‎packaging and it will start to heat up within 5-10 mins.
‎- Menstru Heat is also re-designed to bend easily across your abdomen for wider ‎coverage and maximum comfort, yet being discreet enough to use underneath your ‎clothes.
‎- Menstru Heat is also odourless so you don't have to worry about everyone knowing ‎you're using a patch.
‎- Menstru Heat uses medical grade adhesives from Japan which allows for restacking ‎multiple times, while being gentle on your skin as well.‎
Tear open packaging. Upon contact with air, Menstru Heat will heat up on its own within 5 ‎mins.
Peel and paste onto underwear or on abdomen according to your preferred heat level.
For moderate heat, paste on top of your underwear.
For least heat, paste on the underside of your shirt.
After every hour of use, remove product for at least 5 mins to let your skin rest. ‎

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