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Blemil Plus Baby Milk Ar 400 Gm

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Blemil Plus AR is an anti-reflux formula for infants with vomiting and reflux
Product description: Blemil Plus AR is an anti-reflux formula for infants with vomiting and reflux, which caters to infants from birth to 6 months of age and during the introduction of supplementation as part of a varied and gradualdiet. The perfect combination of natural thickeners (carob flour and corn starch) from Blemil Plus AR increases the strength of the formula, reduces the amount of vomiting and improves the condition of theinfant. Product Features: Blemil Plus AR contains: Proteins:The ratio of whey protein/casein 60/40, ideal for controlling emptystomach and reducing reflux. Contains nucleotides and nutrients that affect digestive maturation and immune function. Carbohydrates: Contains carob flour and corn starch, a convenient blend of two thickeners that increases the consistency of the formula and reduces the frequency and frequency of reflux. Fats:Provides essential fatty acids, important for the maturation of the central nervous system in addition to the development of brain structure and visual function. In addition, they are important for the central nervous system and the maturation of visual function in addition to the development of brain structures. Vitamins andminerals:Contain vitamins and minerals that cover the nutritional requirements of infants, including zinc (associated with optimal performance of natural defenses and growth) as well as selenium, vitamin E and powerful antioxidants. How To Use: Blemil Plus AR is prepared in a mixture of 4.5 g to 30 ml of water. Unless otherwise stated, use the following recommended ingredients: One to two weeks. 3 90 6 Three to four weeks. 4 120 6 Two months 5 150 6 Three months. 6 180 5 Four to six months. 7 210 5 Six to 12 months. 8 240 4
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Brand Blemil
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