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Blemil Plus ( 2) Optimum 400 Gm

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roduct Description:

  • Blemil Plus 2 is our most complete follow-up formula that fully meets the nutritional needs of infants while introducing complementary feeding as part of a varied and sophisticated diet, and thanks to its innovative formula, it ensures optimal growth and maturation of the immune system and the digestive system as well as the proper development of the baby's brain and visual function.
  • The innovative formula of Blemil plus 2 provides a symbiotic effect through an ideal combination of prebiotics, probiotics and lutein, helping to ensure adequate visual acuity.

Blemil Plus 2 includes:

  • Proteins: A balanced ratio of whey proteins/casein (60/40) close to breast milk. - Nucleotides, involved in the development and maturation of digestive and immune response systems.
  • Carbohydrates: A suitable combination of lactose and maltodextrin, which ensures good digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, and helps reduce the osmosis of the formula.
  • Fats: a fatty acid close to breast milk, with adequate content of essential fatty acids and LC-PUFAs ω-3 and-6 (DHA and AA). These are important for the central nervous system, the development of visual function, as well as for protection against inflammatory processes. They also have other digestive functions, such as helping to reduce the consistency of stools, stimulating absorption of nutrients, and improving formula digestion.
  • Prebiotics (fructooligosaccharides or FOS): improve the balance of intestinal microflora by stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system, which helps prevent the growth of pathogens and stimulates the maturation of natural defenses.
  • Probiotics (L. rhamnosus and B. infants): inhibit the growth of pathogens, stimulate immune function, and contribute to the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Taurine and L-carnitine: nutrients essential for fatty acid metabolism and energy production. In addition, they are important for the central nervous system and the maturation of visual function as well as the development of brain structures.
  • Lutein: a natural antioxidant found in breast milk and is involved in developing and maintaining proper visual function.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Contains vitamins and minerals that cover the nutritional requirements of infants, including zinc (linked to optimal functioning of natural defenses and growth) as well as selenium, vitamin E, and powerful antioxidants.

How To Use:

  • Blemil plus 2 is prepared in a mixture of 4.7 g to 30 ml of water. Unless otherwise indicated, use the following recommended dose:


Scale (4.7 g)

Water size (ml)

Number of doses per day

6 to 12 months




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