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Name: Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel 20 gm

Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel is a very good choice for the care of your red and raised scar.

When a wound affects the deeper layer of skin (dermis) a scar is unavoidable but its final appearance can be optimized by proper support.

Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel’s innovative formula has been specially designed to provide this support in order to help prevent forming and treat excessive scarring after surgery or injuries.

Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel is used either:

Alone in case of wounds closed since less than one month.

Together with the Massage Ball provided with it in case of wounds closed since more than one month.

What is Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel and when should it be used?

Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel is intended to be used on your wound only after it is closed in order to help prevent the formation of a red and raised scar (hypertrophic scar).

Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel can also be used to smoothen, soften and flatten existing scars and reduces redness, tension and itching which often occur with scars.

How Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel acts helping to diminish the appearance of excessive scars?

The key reason for excessive scarring and formation of a red and raised scar is the maintenance of a too high level of inflammation during the remodeling phase.

By helping the new skin to keep water, inflammation is reduced as well as collagen build up and this result in smaller scars (see figure 1 for reference).

Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel has been developed in light of the latest scientific recommendations on scar formation and management and helps to reduce red and raised scars in three ways:

The silicone forms a film that covers the scar, protecting the newly formed skin from drying out and thus preserving the moisture balance.

Humectants such as panthenol assist this action by binding water in the skin.

The Massage Ball helps the breakdown of collagen fibers in older scars.

In case of older scars Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel acts in the same way: by providing adequate moisturization it reduces inflammation and collagen formation.

In these more solid older scars this action can be further supported by using the Massage Ball provided with Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel.

This massaging device allows helping break down the collagen fibers which are inside the scar.

Use of Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel results in a smoothening, softening and flattening of older scars.

The redness, tension and itching which are often present are also reduced.

Other properties of Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel:



Clinically tested

How to use Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel?

A) Wound closed since less than one month: Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel is to be used only after the wound has completely closed.

In wounds closed since less than one month only the gel is used in the following manner: Dispense a sufficient amount (depending on the size of the scar) of Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel, apply it on the scar with your finger leaving a thin layer on the scar and wait for a few minutes

Fresh residues of Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel may cause marks on clothing.

Apply Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel two times a day (for instance morning and evening).

Reapply in case you bath / shower in between or do extensive sports.

Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel should be applied for at least 2 months.

Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel is suitable for adults and children.

B) Wound closed since more than one month: Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel is provided with a Massage Ball.

This Massage Ball is intended to be used only on formed scars (more than one month after the wound has closed).

In wounds closed since more than one month use the massage ball before applying the Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel as described below:

Usage of Massage Ball together with the anti-scar gel in wounds closed since more than one month

Use the Massage Ball for gently massaging (use only light pressure) the scar by rolling over it a few times before applying the Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel

This helps to break up collagen fibers

When not to use Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel?

Do not use on open wounds and mucosa.

Do not use close to eyes.

Do not use in case of known allergies to one of the ingredients.

For external use only.

What precautions should be taken when using Bepanthen® Anti-Scar Gel?

If you experience any skin irritations discontinue use and seek medical advice if necessary.

In case of accidental administration into the eyes, on open wounds or mucosa flush with copious amounts of water

Why caring for a wound after it has closed is so important?

When a wound closes the wound-healing process is finished only on the surface! In fact it is the time when the most important phase, the remodeling phase, starts and this phase can last up to two years.

During the remodeling phase the collagen in the newly formed skin is rearranged in order to strengthen the new skin.

It is also during this phase that excess collagen produced during the repairing phase is removed.

If excess collagen is left in place or if collagen is still produced in large amounts it may lead to excess scarring and hypertrophic scars.

This results in scars which are larger or more visible than they should be.

Recent research has shown that simple steps can help support the remodeling phase to minimize this risk of excessive scarring


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