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Bella Cotton Pads Aloe Extract 70 Pieces

SAR 11.95
In stock

It is used to clean the skin and remove makeup.


Product Name
Bella Cotton, Pads, Aloe Extract - 70 Pcs


Main Category
Beauty Care

Makeup Removal

Bella round cotton pieces with Aloe Vera extract.
Contains D-Panthenol, which softens the skin.
100% cotton.
Soft and gentle on the skin.
It is used to clean the skin and remove makeup.

Bella Cotton Pads for all your general cleaning needs.
Cotton pads with aloe vera extract and D-panthenol.
Aloe vera calms and relaxes the skin.
D-Panthenol deeply cleanses the skin and removes make-up impurities.
100% cotton cut.
Soft and gentle on the skin, it does not cause irritation or irritation.
Highly absorbent, removes even the finest dirt.
It is used to remove makeup, and nail polish and to clean the skin daily.

Instructions For Use/ How To Use
Pour make-up remover or nail polish remover on one side of the cotton pad.
Gently wipe over the area to be cleaned, without rubbing your skin.
Repeat cleaning with another cotton swab if necessary.

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