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Bd Micro Fine Pen Needles Easy Flow 4Mm 100 Pcs

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Insulin Pen Needles
Product Description: BD Micro-Fine Plus Pen Needles with Easyflow Technology are compatible with all insulin pens. Extra thin wall technology increases insulin flow rate and requires a lower injection force with enhanced injection time. BD’s patented needle tip is thinner and flatter, easing skin penetration and making injections comfortable. For improved injection experience, BD Micro-Fine Plus pen needles are the finest choice. These are suitable for patients of all ages suffering from diabetes, even those who are overweight. EasyFlow™ Technology makes sure that the injection is at the correct skin depth at any injection site. A 4mm pen needle, in comparison with longer needles, lowers the risk of injecting medication into the muscle. This means efficient medication delivery. Those with arthritis or issues with hand strength will also find the product suitable, as it requires lesser thumb force for medication injection. • Ensures that the medication injection is at the correct skin depth, about 99.5% of the time. • Up to 62%, less thumb force required for medication injection, meaning patients with less hand strength can easily manage to administer the medication. • Suitable for patients of all ages with diabetes, arthritis. • Pentapoint Technology clinically demonstrated to reduce injection pain at all sites. • Reduced risk of hypoglycaemia by preventing injection in muscle. • Improved absorption of medication by avoiding lifted skin fold. How to use: 1. To attach the needle to the pen, first remove the coloured peel tab from the outer shield. 2. Push the needle onto the pen and twist till tight. 3. Pull the outer shield and set it aside for later use. 4. Prime your insulin pen before injection. First, dial two units on the pen and then press the button to shoot some medication into the air to make sure the pen is working. 5. To inject medication, hold the needle in skin and count till 5 or 10 before removing the needle. If it is taken out too fast, medication will leak out and correct dosage will not be administered. 6. If bleeding occurs at the site of injection, press the area gently. Don’t rub on the area to avoid bruising.
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