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Artelac Night Time Gel 10 Gm

SAR 30.10
Out of stock
Used to relieve dry, irritated eyes.
Product Description: Artelac Nighttime Gel® is a highly viscous eye lubricant that supports all three layers of the tear film to provide long-lasting moistening and protection of the ocular surface in the presence of dry eye sensation. Artelac Nighttime Gel® is designed to supplement the tear film including the important outer-lipid layer for moisture retention on the eye's surface providing maximum and long-term relief. Artelac Nighttime Gel® is an ideal product for everybody suffering from a range of symptoms of dry eyes such as tired, stressed, gritty, burning, and/or tearing eyes. How to use: Instill 3 to 5 gel drops or more daily, or instill one gel drop into the eye for 15 min. before going to bed, if you prefer to use it at night. People can also benefit from using Artelac Nighttime Gel® in addition to their original dry eye product for extra protection. Caution & Warnings: May cause temporary blurred vision after installation. Remove contact lenses before using. Wait approximately 15 min. before using another eye product or before replacing contact lenses. Avoid contact with the tip of the tube with your eye or your fingers to prevent any possible contamination. Don't store above 25 °C. Once opened it can be used for 6 weeks. Ingredients: Artelac Nighttime Gel® is available in a 10 g tube. Each 1 g contains 2 mg carbomer, medium-chain triglycerides, in addition to sterile water, sorbitol and sodium hydroxide. Cetrimide is used as a preservative
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