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Product Description: Apiprodent gel for gums for complete local treatment of periodontal diseases(Gingivitis and Periodontitis). Thanks to its ingredients that have a synergistic effect resulting in analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and healing effects. How to use: The gel is squeezed onto one’s finger and to be applied to gums with circular motions 2-3 times daily. Washing teeth and hands before use. After application of the gel eating or drinking should be halted for (30 minutes: 1hour) to allow the gel to exert its action. Caution & Warnings: Apiprodent gel is safe and well-tolerated. Only for use in the oral cavity. Not to be swallowed. To be kept in dark, cool place. Ingredients: Contains extract of: Clove essential oil Myrrh gum Tormentil Propolis
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