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What are the terms and conditions for purchasing items subject to offers?

In case of discounts and freebies offers, the lowest priced item is given for free. Wholesale sales are not permitted, and United Company has the right to determine the quantity allowed to be purchased per one purchase.

Some of the offered items and free gifts are available only in selected pharmacies, and the offer is valid until stock lasts.

In case there are more than one offer on the same item, the customer can benefit from one offer only.

Why did I receive an incomplete order?

  • This could be due to one of the following reasons: Sometimes some products are available on the online store but are not available in the pharmacy, in this case, and in order not to delay your order, we only cancel the unavailable products, and we send a text message indicating that the order is ready, but some products are not available, in addition to a message via The email explains all the details.
  • If you review your email and make sure that no item has been canceled and that you have ordered all the products you want to buy, but there are still some missing products, you can contact customer service to help you.
  • Before contacting us, please check the email to make sure that you have requested all products you need.
  • Your order list will show all the orders that you have ordered, and payment will be made only on the orders that have been received.

Who can I contact if I face any problem related to buying from United Pharmacy?

You can call Customer Care Center at 8002444445, or contact us via email to [email protected]

Can I return an item without invoice?

Payment receipt is required to complete the return or exchange process.

What do I need to dispense insurance medication from United Pharmacy?

  • For re-dispensing chronic disease medicines you need approval from the insurance company, national identity or iqama, and a valid insurance card.
  • For normal medical prescriptions: the original prescription must be brought with the stamp of the hospital, the national identity or iqama.

To return “1 + 1 or 2 + 1” offers, or a discount on the second piece, the entire offer must be returned.