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ديتول - مناديل مبللة الأصلي متعددة الاستعمالات - 80 مناديل

سعر خاص ٦٦٫٥٧ ر.س.‏ السعر العادي ٨٨٫٧٦ ر.س.‏
كود المنتج :

Hygienic Protection for Skin and Surfaces

Recommended by Doctors

Soft and moist to be gentle on skin

Leaves no stain

Safe to use around children and food areas

Protection from germs wherever, whenever

 Dettol Antibacterial Wipes provide the ultimate protection from germs to both skin and surfaces, easy to use at home and on the go. Being pH neutral, the wipe does not interfere with your skin's natural protection while the emollients moisturizes your skin. They are ideal for instant clean ups of your hands, face and surfaces! Use at home, in the car, office or on holiday.

Dettol Antibacterial wipes are suitable for use on both skin and surfaces

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انت تقيم:ديتول - مناديل مبللة الأصلي متعددة الاستعمالات - 80 مناديل