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Vatika Shampoo Dandruff Guard With Lemon - 700 Ml

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Vatika Shampoo anti-dandruff  700 ml is enriched with selected extracts and proven anti-dandruff 

active ingredients like lemon, yogurt, and mint for dandruff removal without damaging hair or scalp.

  features :

 Lemon has an astringent action, controls sebum flow and helps prevent dandruff effectively.
 Yogurt cleans, nourishes and helps maintain essential moisture balance in hair and scalp.
 Mint soothes and cools the scalp with an invigorating sensation.
 Dandruff-free and healthy hair.
 Cleans hair well.
  Lathers well.
 Curbs hair fall.

How to use :

• Wet your tresses with warm water.
• Take some shampoo and gently massage your hair with your fingers.
• Rinse your hair with cold water.
• Apply the conditioner gently and let it stay for five minutes then wash it off.
• Wash your hair under cool running water to wash off the conditioner. The cold water will help close the cuticles and retain moisture.
• Apply hair serum to give you frizz-free satin-smooth hair and reduce breakage.
• Repeat previous tips when needed.
• Avoid getting shampoo in your eyes.
• In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately.

Type of hair :

• For oily hair.

Safety warning :
• For external use only.

Storage Instructions:
• Keep in Dry and Cool Place.

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