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Ivytus 100 Ml Syrup

SAR 40.25
Out of stock

Ivy is a species of flowering plant in the true family Araliaceae, native to most of Europe and Western Asia.

Due to their broncolytic and secretolytic properties, Ivy leaf dried extract has long provided its worth in practice. Their efficiency has been demonstrated in numerous scientific studies. According to a pharmacological investigation, its constituent appears to be responsible for the improvement in lung function.


Makes phlegm more viscous and slippery.


A spasm is an involuntary contraction of the muscles. In the case of coughing generally, this is a voluntary action, using the bronchial muscles to clear irritants from the respiratory system. However, with respiratory illness, a cough can become involuntary due to excess muscle spasm. This makes ivy very useful for relaxing airway spasms and reducing cough frequency.

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