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Avalon Antiseptic Solution 135 ml

SAR 40.00
In stock

Avalon Antiseptic Solution works promptly and gives long-term protection. 

Product Description:

  • Avalon Antiseptic Solution works promptly and gives long-term protection. 


  • Pre-surgery antiseptic.
  • Skin infection treatment.
  • Abrasion and burn antiseptic.
  • Wound disinfection.

Precautions and warnings:

  • Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using Povidone Iodine.

  • If your skin is broken (for example, from a burn), using Povidone Iodine in these conditions may result in hazardous levels of iodine being absorbed into your bloodstream.

Side effects:

  • Elevated acid levels in your blood (the major symptoms being shortness of breath.
  • Disorientation, and tiredness
  • Kidney Failure (symptoms including difficulty peeing, thirst, a dry mouth, and soreness on one side of your back).


  • Povidone Iodine.


  • 10% of Povidone Iodine.

Pharmacological classification:

  • Antiseptic Solution.


  • 135 ml.

How to Use:

  • Apply to the affected area of skin once or twice daily, as instructed.
  • Allow to dry, then apply a dressing if desired.

Storage Conditions:

  • Keep this medication out of the sight and reach of children.
  • To avoid moisture, store in the original packaging.
  • Do not use this drug after the expiration date listed on the box/blisters/label.
  • The expiry date represents the last day of the month.
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