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First Aid Box No.3

SAR 70.00
In stock

First Aid Box For Cuts And Light Burns (Big Size No.3):

First aid is a simple set of medical steps performed by the medical person aimed at preserving the life of the injured person and stopping the harm and avoidance of complications that are expected to occur in the absence of any first aid.

Method Of Providing First Aid:

  1. Act calmly, and remove the casualty from any danger.
  2. Unscrew the belts and tight clothes.
  3. Be sure to breathe the injured person
  4. Cut clothing around the place of injury.
  5. Look for any foreign object in the mouth, to avoid suffocation.
  6. Conduct artificial respiration if it stops.
  7. Try to stop the bleeding, if any, by pressing it with a piece of clean cloth, or by tying it to a pressure belt.
  8. Request the ambulance.
  9. Avoid endangering yourself.
  10. Stay away from any interference you do not know.
  11. Avoid giving unconscious anything in your mouth.
  12. Do not transfer the injured from his place in case of any type of fractures.

Some Important Points Regarding First Aid Kit:

  • The contents of the bag should be periodically inspected and replaced.
  • Keep it in an accessible place and known by all family members.
  • Keep them out of the reach of children.
  • Be easy to open the bag and order of contents.
  • Family members should be well informed about first aid and how to use the contents of the bag.
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