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Pslove Back Heat Patches, Pain Relief, 100% Drug Free - 2 Pcs

SAR 36.00
In stock
  • 1-100% Drug Free Relief Heat Relieves Pain &Improve.
  • 2-Circulation, Thereby Increasing Nutrient Flow To Help The Body Heal Faster.
  • 3-Effective For Lumbar Or Lower Back Pain Muscle Soreness, Fatigue And Backaches.

The patch rely on the activated carbon to give the heat which reliefs the pain and improve ‎the blood circulation, 100% drug free, fast heating,Heat Lasts up to 12 hours, improved ‎adhesive from Japan & Odourless, Air-activated.‎
Back Heat uses a clinically-proven heat therapy method to relax your neck and shoulders, ‎thus providing relief and comfort.
‎- Our proprietary formulation allows heat to be released quickly and steadily over 12 hours, ‎so that you can get all day comfort and relief.
‎- Back Heat is simple and extremely convenient to use. Simply tear open the packaging and ‎it will start to heat up within 5-10 mins.
‎- Back Heat is also designed to bend easily across your back for wider coverage and ‎maximum comfort, yet being discreet enough to use underneath your clothes.
‎- Back Heat is also odourless so you don't have to worry about everyone knowing you're ‎using a patch.
‎- Back Heat uses medical grade adhesives from Japan which allows for restacking multiple ‎times, while being gentle on your skin as well.
‎- Back Heat can also be split into 2 for targeted pain relief at different pain points across ‎your back to ensure all pain points are covered.‎
Tear open packaging. Back Heat will gradually heat up within 10 minutes upon contact with ‎air.‎

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